Smee, Peter and the Starcatcher
Hub Theatre Company of Boston, Nov. 2018

“The true joy of the show falls to the comical relief in the form of the iconic Captain Hook and his flamboyant underling Smee, played by Michael John Ciszewski. Their performances were outstandingly animated and vibrant, true to their foppish origins, and consistently stole the show with subtle adult jokes and boisterous monologues that left the audience in both a state of shock and laughter.” - The Suffolk Journal

“Truly special... a lovely treat! Smee and Black Stache really stole the show as they tip-toe between a comedic duo and a very, very gay couple.” - The Tech

“Black Stache and Smee are deliciously campy as the villainous pirates... They manage to get their teeth into every set piece in sight (and maybe even a few backstage) yet never become irritating. Even their most stale jokes and puns manage to elicit laughs.” - Edge Media Network


Titania, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Apollinaire Theatre Company, July 2018

“I love everything about this production, and that includes its first-rate cast... The genders of Oberon and Titania have been flipped for this production (if fairies have genders at all)— Michael John Ciszewski is a delicious Titania, the fairy queen who has been reimagined as, well, a big queen.” - digboston

“Michael John Ciszewski’s preening Titania is among the few I have ever seen who refuses the role of passive victim. This queen has more enough enchanted pizazz to throttle Oberon, which she does on a couple of occasions.” - ArtsFuse


Chorus, Antigone
Flat Earth Theatre, March 2018

“I hope that Elbert Joseph, Emily Elmore, and Michael John Ciszewski–who performed masterfully in both spoken English and American Sign Language–feel very proud of the contributions they are making to the theatre community with their bold and intricate interpretation of a Greek Chorus.” - New England Theatre Geek

“A sinuously entrancing chorus [consisting of] Elbert Joseph, Michael John Ciszewski, and Emily Elmore - The Boston Globe