Joining Boston Theater Company as Artistic Assistant

After a tremendous year working as a company member of and Marketing Director with STAMP in residence at Boston University's School of Theatre, I am elated to announce that I'll be joining Boston Theater Company as an artistic assistant through December! 

Boston Theater Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to preserving the messages and historical language of classical scripts while making them accessible for modern audiences. The three prongs of our mission are gender-blind casting, an innovative approach to our texts, and a robust education program. Casting regardless of gender allows us to always cast the most talented actors, and makes classical texts equally accessible for actors of all genders. Our approach to our texts involves rearranging dialogue and combining roles in order to tell classical stories dynamically while preserving the remaining original text. Finally, we offer educational programs for children of various ages, all based on the belief that theater and creative drama can unlock a child’s creativity and confidence. BTC consists of a team of young Boston-based artists who are passionate about collaboration, classical texts, and creating art in fresh ways.

My first project with BTC is assisting workshops of their upcoming Finish Line, a documentary theatre piece on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings created by Artistic Director Joey Frangieh and playwright Lisa Rafferty from countless interviews of Marathon experience. Following workshops in late July and November, Finish Line will premiere in April 2016. 

BTC is an exciting young company at home in Boston and I am excited to be a part of its growth.